JUEDISCHER FRAUENBUND, organization of Jewish women founded in 1904 by Sidonie Werner and bertha pappenheim originally in order to combat white slavery, especially of Jewish girls from Eastern Europe. Under Pappenheim's energetic leadership the organization expanded rapidly and after 30 years of existence boasted 30,000 members in about 450 branches. Politically the organization was neutral: the women's organizations of the central-verein and B'nai B'rith were affiliated with it, whereas Orthodox and Zionist women's organizations were not. Its charitable agencies were concerned with adoption, social work, and health, and especially the Isenburg home for wayward women. In the Jewish communities the Frauenbund strove for full female suffrage in communal elections, and it received nominal representation in national and international forums. Bertha Pappenheim was succeeded by Hannah Karminski (1887–1943), who was deported and killed by the Nazis after the forced shutdown of the Juedischer Frauenbund in 1938 (refounded by Jeanette Wolff and Ruth Galinski in 1953). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: D. Edinger (ed.), Bertha Pappenheim, Leben und Schriften (1963); Wiener Library, German Jewry (1958). ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: M.A. Kaplan, "German-Jewish Feminism in the Twentieth Century," in: JSS, 38 (1976), 39–53; M.A. Kaplan, The Jewish feminist movement in GermanyThe campaigns of the Jüdischer Frauenbund 19041938 (1979); S.L. Tananbaum, "Jewish Feminist Organisations in Britain and Germany at the Turn of the Century," in: M. Brenner, R. Liedtke, and D. Rechter (eds.), Two Nations (1999), 371–92; F. Gleis and S. Werner, "Norddeutschlands Fuehrungsgestalt in der juedischen Frauenbewegung," in: G. Paul and M. Gillis-Carlebach (eds.), Menora und Hakenkreuz (1998), 135–140; M. Grandner, Geschlecht, Religion und EngagementDie jüdischen Frauenbewegungen im deutschsprachigen Raum (2005).

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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